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No more AVG Internet Security

I don't recommend AVG Internet Security anymore


Pop-up advertising

For many years, I recommend AVG Internet Security to everyone: clients, friends, and family members.  No more.

The reason?  Pop-up advertising in AVG Internet Security.

AVG Internet Security is a product that people have to pay for, yet it pops up "advertising".  It will pop up something saying, "Speed up your computer.  Click here.", or "Update your drivers.  Click here."  If you click on these links, you are prompted to install another AVG product that you have to pay for.

This is a business practice that I am totally against.  If I pay for a product, I don't want it to pop up advertisements to try to get me to buy more from the same company.

More than that, it is confusing to people who are less knowledgeable about computers, like some of my clients.  I've had several clients install these programs, then get prompts later to pay for them when the free trial runs out.  Not only do they not have a clue as to what the program does, but some of them think it is part of AVG Internet Security and are confused when they are asked to pay again for what they think they already have.

In my communications to AVG Technologies about this issue, they said that there is nothing they can do to stop those advertisements.  That response was through their forum.  They never responded to my regular support requests by e-mail or phone.

AVG Technologies is counting on the average person to click on those links and pay for the programs, even if they don't understand what the programs do.  It is built into the program.  They've decided to push for profits at the expense of alienating the buyers of their core product.

This is unacceptable.

After you uninstall AVG, run the AVG Remover program (32 or 64 bit, whichever your system is).

I now recommend Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition for most people.

It does everything automatically and is very easy to use, so it is good for people who don't need or want to configure their antivirus program.  It is also the highest rated antivirus program for catching bad things.

To use Bitdefender Free, you have to sign up for a free "MyBitdefender" Account.  Don't use a,, or e-mail address, though, for the "MyBitdefender" Account, because for some reason, Bitdefender doesn't like them.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Bitdefender's paid products to anyone because they are too complicated to use.  It's strange that their free product is so easy to use, yet their paid products are so difficult to use.


On the subject of those additional products AVG is trying to push.

The "Speed up your computer" advertisement will install "AVG PC TuneUp".  I do not recommend this program because if you use its default settings, it will both not "clean" enough and "clean" things you might not want "cleaned".  To know the difference, and properly set the options, requires computer knowledge you might not have.  Free programs like CCleaner will also do the same thing, but they also require you to set options to clean what you want, and leave what you want.

The "Update your drivers" advertisement will install "AVG Driver Updater".  I do not recommed this program (or other "driver updater" programs), because the average person will never need to update drivers themselves.  Generally, a "Windows driver" should only be updated if there is a problem with the old one.  If there was a problem with a driver on your computer, it would cause you enough problems that you would have someone fix the problem.  Also, Windows Update provides necessary driver updates when Microsoft thinks it is necessary.  Usually that doesn't hurt anything on your computer if you are a standard user.

For more information about why I don't recommend programs in the categories of Tuneup, Driver Updaters, Registry Cleaners, etc., go to my webpage on the subject:

Problem Software: Tuneup, Driver Updaters, Registry Cleaners



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