Gunsmoke Radio Show (1952-1961)

No Commercials, Better Audio

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This torrent is for those of you who like the radio show, and don't want the stories interrupted by commercials and other radio announcements.  The audio is also improved, increasing the volume or filtering it to make the speech better understood.

My original torrent only included the 473.5 episodes, a description file, a file containing a full list of episodes, and a file list, for a total of 4.55 GB.  That torrent is dead, though, so I have now linked the version of my torrent, which includes extraneous files, and now a total of 4.74 GB.  If you want to avoid downloading all those extraneous files, then you can go to the page and download just the MP3s from there, instead of downloading the entire torrent.

Of course, it would be good if you could continue to seed the torrent it after you have downloaded it.

Gunsmoke Cast 1954

Gunsmoke was the first radio series made about the Old West for adults, with adult themes, giving a gritty, realistic view.

These files have been edited for audio, file names, and ID3 tags.
Improved audio, removed commercials.

First episode: 1952-Apr-26
Last episode: 1961-Jun-18
473.5 episodes exist in audio here.

There were a total of 480 episodes, each originally about 30 minutes long (including commercials and radio announcements).
66 episodes used scripts that had been used before, but were redone, often with different guest actors.

The original files were from the OTRR (Old Time Radio Researchers Group).

More information about Gunsmoke can be found at its Wikipedia Page.

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I edited audio, file names, and ID3 tags.

Edited audio using Audacity:
  • Removed commercials and broadcast announcements.  ie. Vocals that had nothing to do with Gunsmoke.
  • Kept end credits.
  • Kept the bit of end music after the end credits, but removed the end announcement and music after that.
  • Fade out at end.
  • Removed excess music at mid-story commercials & announcements.  ie. Removed music before commercial or announcement, and kept music after announcement before resumption of story.
  • Fixed beginning, if needed, to start with the hoofbeats faded in.
  • Repaired audio volume: Remove DC offset (center on 0.0 vertically).  Normalize volume so peak amplitude 0 dB, unless the entire episode had been severely clipped before, in which case I normalized at -1 dB or -0.5 dB.
  • Reduced very high volume peaks (like gunshots), so the rest of the audio could be normalized at a higher volume.
  • Fixed the volume throughout some files where volume varied wildly during the length.
  • Adjusted treble, bass, or filtered to improve bad quality audio so vocals could be understood better.
  • Removed silence gaps in a couple of files.
  • Reduced to 64 mbps if a file was originally higher than that to make files smaller.  The audio quality didn't suffer since the original quality was not great.  I suppose all the files could be recoded to 32 mbps without losing any noticeable audio quality to make the files even smaller, but I didn't do it.  Most files were 64 mbps.
  • If files were 40 or 32 mbps, kept them that way.
  • Usually left sampling rate as is.  Most of them are 44.1 KHz.  Some are 22.05 KHz.

Note: After some time, I realize that I did not edit all the audio to my satisfaction.  There are still some occasional silences, bad audio, bad volume, etc. that I missed.  Now that the torrent is widespread, I hesitate to do the additional editing and produce another torrent that will compete with, or be confused with, the first torrent.  Also, I lack the drive to do so.

Edited file names:
  • Removed excess information from file names, like actor names, paring down the file names to the basics (Gunsmoke_date_episode#_Title).  Example: Gunsmoke_1954-10-09_130_Love_of_a_Good_Woman.mp3
Edited MP3 ID3 tags using Mp3tag:
  • Removed old ID3 tags MP3GAIN_UNDO, replaygain_track_gain, MP3GAIN_MINMAX, replaygain_track_peak, since I edited the audio.
  • Added information ID3 tags:
    • Track Title: [episode title]
    • Artist Name: Old Radio Shows
    • Album Title: Gunsmoke
    • Album Artist: Old Radio Shows
    • Track Number: [episode number]
    • Year: [year the episode aired]
    • Genre: Radio Drama
    • Comments: [date episode aired in format YYYY-MM-DD]
  • When a script was reused, added in title tag "(reused script # )", with episode numbers of the previous episode(s).  Note that these reused scripts were actually acted out new again, sometimes with different guest stars.

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