Gunsmoke Radio Show (1952-1961)

No Commercials, Better Audio

.torrent file: Gunsmoke Radio Show (1952-1961)

This torrent is for those of you who like the radio show, and don't want the stories interrupted by commercials and other radio announcements.  The audio is also improved, increasing the volume or filtering it to make the speech better understood.

This torrent only includes the 473.5 episodes, a description file, a file containing a full list of episodes, and a file list.

Of course, it would be good if you could continue to seed it after you have downloaded it.

Gunsmoke was the first radio series made about the Old West for adults, with adult themes, giving a gritty, realistic view.

These files have been edited for audio, file names, and ID3 tags.
Improved audio, removed commercials.

First episode: 1952-Apr-26
Last episode: 1961-Jun-18
473.5 episodes exist in audio here.

There were a total of 480 episodes, each originally about 30 minutes long (including commercials and radio announcements).
66 episodes used scripts that had been used before, but were redone, often with different guest actors.

The original files from the OTRR (Old Time Radio Researchers Group), library are available at:

More information about Gunsmoke can be found at:


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