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What Bruce's automatic servicing does at night (Weekly)

On Windows computers

When I first work on a computer, I usually set up some maintenance to run automatically at night, usually at 2:00 am on Thursdays (ie. Wednesday night).  Please leave the computer on overnight Wednesday nights so the scheduled maintenance tasks can run.  Turn off the computer at night all other nights.  The computer does not have to be connected to the Internet for this to run.

I repeat: Once set up, this will run automatically, with no input from me.

Aside: Click here to see What Bruce does during his "Regular Servicing".

If you are using the computer when it starts this automatic servicing, whatever you are doing will be disrupted.  If 2:00 am is not a good time for this to run, then let me know, and I can change it to another time.

The steps:

* Defragmentation & optimization is skipped for SSDs (Sold State Drives).  SSDs should not be defragmented.  A SSD is very different from a traditional "hard drive", and is very fast.  A computer with an SSD does not run faster if the SSD is defragmented, and regular defragmentation significantly reduces the life span of the SSD.

In the morning, you should see your computer waiting for you to log into Windows.  If that is not the case, then something went wrong, and I ask that you please tell me.


Oh, by the way, please read my Special Note to EVERYONE.


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