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Problem Software

Tuneup, Driver Updaters, Registry Cleaners, etc.

You see advertisements for them everywhere, and you've probably installed one at some time.  After a free trial period, you either debated paying for it, or you ignored the payment demands until you got a computer tech like me to get rid of the program.

I recommend that average users don't install or use tuneup, driver updater, and registry cleaner software.

You might say, "Well, he's a computer tech, so he doesn't want people to buy programs that will do his job."

The thing is, they don't do my job.

My job (as I see it), is to keep your computer running as well as possible and help you keep it running well.  I make judgements about what needs to be done and how to do it.  I also try to educate you.

These "helper" programs (tuneup, driver updaters, registry cleaners, etc.), just do things automatically without using human judgement as what precisely needs to be done, or how, for a particular computer.  They can/will do things that can be dangerous or unnecessary.  Also, there there are free programs out there that can be used by knowledgeable people that do a better, safer job.

There is no such thing as cure-all programs for computers.  Makers of these "helper" programs want you to think so, so they can make lots of money.



"Tuneup" programs

Tuneup programs can be useful.  All the ones I use, though, are free.  Plus I know exactly what they do, and how they help.  I also know that some of these programs can do things that are unsafe or unnecessary.  They can also error too much on the side of caution, and end up doing very little at all that is useful.  I haven't seen a paid tuneup program that is as useful as the free alternatives that I use.

When I work on a computer, I install various free programs that I set up to run automatically at night to do computer cleanup & maintenance.  Details of that can be found on my webpage What Bruce's automatic servicing does at night (Weekly).


"Driver Updater" programs

"Drivers" rarely ever need to be updated, and are usually only updated if there is a problem with a driver.  Sometimes updating a driver will cause problems because a "newer" driver doesn't work properly on a particular computer.  The saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", applies here.

The average person will likely never have a problem on their computer that is attributed to a driver, and they will probably not know that a problem it is due to a driver.

Info: A "driver" is a piece of software that tells the computer's operating system (Windows), how to use a piece of hardware like a mouse, video card, webcam, memory, CPU, etc.


"Registry Cleaner" programs

It takes human judgement to decide what to do with things in the Windows Registry that are broken.  Can it be fixed?  If so, how?

Registry Cleaner programs try to find a balance of just deleting broken registry entries, or doing nothing.  They don't fix broken entries, because it takes a human to know exactly how for each one.

The makers of such programs also hope that the broken registry entries that their program deleted will be automatically re-created properly if they are needed.  That may happen, but not necessarily.

Thus, I do not recommend automatic registry cleaners, and I don't recommend that non-computer experts make changes to the Windows Registry.

Info: The Windows Registry contains a multitude of information about Windows, the programs installed, and files on the computer.



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