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CFD (Compulsive Forwarding Disorder)

Characterized by the continual and compulsive forwarding of e-mail by the affected person, without consideration of the truth, or to the effect that the forwarded e-mail will have on everyone else.

This Disorder is mostly found in people who are new to the Internet and e-mail, but it is occasionally found in others, particularly gullible people.

There are childish, disruptive people out there who prey on the poor souls with CFD.  They like to create hoaxes or chain letters, send them to lots of people, and watch as anarchy ensues.  They count on people with CFD to propagate their hoaxes or chain letters.

Here are some other terms that can be used to describe a person with CFD:

gullible, credulous, dupe, easy, naive, sucker, butt, fool, gull, lamb, pushover, gudgeon, mark, monkey, patsy, pigeon, sap, cat's-paw, instrument, pawn, puppet, stooge, tool

There are only two cures known:
  1. The affected person must be banned from using e-mail, or
  2. the affected person must start to think more about what they are doing.

Always verify the claims in an e-mail before you even think of forwarding the e-mail to anyone!  If you can not (or will not), verify the content, do not forward it!
If you forward the e-mail without verifying it, you run the risk of annoying everyone you forward the e-mail to, and YOU end up looking foolish.

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