Create a new profile in Thunderbird


These instructions are for Windows.

Quit Thunderbird if it is running.

Hold down the Windows key and press R.

In the run box, type:
   thunderbird.exe -p

Run Box.jpg

This will start the Profile Manager for Thunderbird.


Click the "Create Profile" button.

Type in a new profile name. Don't name it "default" or "Default User" (that may cause problems). Use your imagination.

You can let the Profile Manager create the new profile in the default location on your hard drive, or you can click the "Choose Folder" button to choose where to set up the new profile.  I personally put my profile folders where I want them, so it is easier for me to find them and back them up.

After you click "Finish" select the new profile in Profile Manager.  Un-check "Use the selected profile without asking at startup".  Then click "Start Thunderbird".
Aside: When you want just one "Profile" to load automatically in the future, check-mark that option.

Thunderbird will now start with nothing set yet.

First up is the "System Integration" window.


Click the "Set as Default" button.  If you don't see this "System Integration" window, don't worry about it.

Next, is the "Welcome to Thunderbird" window asking if you want a new e-mail address.


Click the bottom left button, "Skip this and use my existing email". Then set up your e-mail account.  Please lookup the correct e-mail server settings for your e-mail provider to use!  If you haven't done so already, please double-check your e-mail provider's website for the correct e-mail server settings, or phone them asking them for the correct settings.

Look here for E-mail settings for some common e-mail providers

Once your e-mail account is set up AND tests OK, then see if you see if it works better than your old Profile.

If your issue is solved by creating this new Profile, then import your messages, message filters, address books, and calendar data from the old Thunderbird profile to the new one.

Last updated: 2017-Feb-25



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