Backup your Thunderbird e-mail and/or Thunderbird Profile.


If it is important to you, back it up!
If you don't back it up, then expect to lose it.

Your Thunderbird Profile is what holds all your e-mail, address books, calendar info, and settings you have for Thunderbird.  This "Profile" is held in a folder on your computer hard drive separate from the Thunderbird program itself.

You can find & open your Thunderbird Profile folder:
Thunderbird menu: Help: Troubleshooting Information
(If you cannot see the Thunderbird menu, press the Alt key or F10 key on your keyboard to show the menu)
Under "Application Basics", beside "Profile Folder", click the "Show Profile" button.  Click the picture below to see it bigger.
This will open a Windows Explorer window showing the contents of your Thunderbird Profile folder.

You can copy (not move), this whole folder to another location to back it up.

Backing up just your e-mails

There is an excellent program called MailStore Home, which is free for home users.

It can archive the e-mails from many e-mail programs.  It can even archive your e-mail from webmail.  Once archived, you can use MailStore to search and view the archived e-mails.  You can also export the archived e-mail to other e-mail programs also, making it a great program for converting e-mails from one e-mail program to another.

Like I said, it is free and very useful, which is why I recommend it.

Last updated: 2017-Jan-26



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