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I live in Hardisty, Alberta, Canada.

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Computer Problems?  Need Help?

Windows Computer Repair & Maintenance

Whatever goes wrong, I can help.

Repair, Maintenance, Rescue, Security, Internet,
Windows Updates, General Help, ...

I can help you "in person" in & around Hardisty, AB,
Or by "remote control" through the Internet (contact me first).

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Current Rates:  Canadian  $30 per hour

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Special Note to Everyone

I don't recommend AVG Internet Security anymore

Avoid tuneup, driver updater, and registry cleaner software

Hoaxes, Lies, Spam, etc.


Word Search Puzzles
My town, Hardisty

Hardisty - The Week the Women Went

Minimum Property Tax in Alberta

Compulsive Forwarding Disorder

Windows 10


HTML Special Characters

What's happening and what to do about AVG's message:
"E-mail Scanner is not able to scan messages because connection is encrypted"

My experience with Dell Support

My experience with Microsoft Support

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If lightning is the anger of the gods, the gods are concerned mostly with trees.
-- Lao Tse


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Download: Firefox!
Better than Internet Explorer!
Thunderbird e-mail program
A great e-mail program

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