Bruce A. Johnson

I live in Empress, Alberta, Canada.

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Computer Problems?  Need Help?

Windows Computer Repair & Maintenance

Whatever goes wrong, I can help.

Repair, Maintenance, Rescue, Security, Internet,
Windows Updates, General Help, ...

I can help you "in person" in & around Empress, AB,
Or by "remote control" through the Internet (contact me first).

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Current Rates:  Canadian  $30 per hour

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Special Note to Everyone

I don't recommend AVG Internet Security anymore

Avoid tuneup, driver updater, and registry cleaner software

Windows 10

Hoaxes, Lies, Spam, etc.


Compulsive Forwarding Disorder


HTML Special Characters

What's happening and what to do about AVG's message:
"E-mail Scanner is not able to scan messages because connection is encrypted"

My experience with Dell Support

My experience with Microsoft Support

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Why is it that you physicists always require so much expensive equipment?  Now the Department of Mathematics requires nothing but money for paper, pencils, and erasers ... and the Department of Philosophy is better still.  It doesn't even ask for erasers.
-- Isaac Asimov (1920-92)


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Download: Firefox!
Better than Internet Explorer!
Thunderbird e-mail program
A great e-mail program

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